Welcome to Norm Cohen's Public Folder

Keybase.io has developed a very cool way to share files and data securely using GPG encryption, removing much of the friction from the process. And that's pretty cool!

If you want to follow me, please check out my page on keybase.io.

For those who want to give me secure access to your server(s), you should add my ssh public key to your authorized hosts file (and, of course, let me know that you have):

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCpBMWp9GnzMoSNuFLEuwGRoAB/9Io7olSsiO3zshwjw3KENZlgrKrhV0rcY78aDr+vtFAe8Ezn6hI+/w9yxmGKL52visf6rcgeRhG4V+qFil/jkz4slj97TqOwo/TQa0LxAIuFy8TYQxmoe+WjOQ3Bhd9OBQD4KU09kFWAbWqTVzmlrHg/sO4He008ezW6OFwzcWLok/I20OmdAhwRWESxPUULdOMJtLrbJ+9MC10T3WXAFO60+mZweh/y8SC4CUxC5jXA4SVS6umN5CdMAFkl+mQPAzY1xt1A6t3TJKRqhinlti1KaIRjJb4T1agilxH0BPYPpLJK6lYjmA6y0hk3 nacohen@me.com